VRCLP is a Not-For-Profit organisation supporting the development of Victoria's Community Leaders.
Together we are developing leaders capable of tackling regional Victoria's biggest challenges.
For further information on each program - find the region of interest on the map below, and click on their logo to visit their respective websites.

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wimmera_dot.jpg   wimmera.jpg  arrow.JPG
southcoast_dot.jpg  southcoast.jpg  arrow.JPG
LoddonMurray_dot.jpg    LoddonMurray.jpg Loddon Murray CLP  arrow.JPG
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 geelong.jpg   Leaders for Geelong  arrow.JPG
fairley_dot.jpg  FL_logo_CMYK.jpg  Fairley Leadership  arrow.JPG
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AlpineValleys_dot.jpg   AlpineValleys.jpg arrow.JPG 
gippsland_dot.jpg gippsland.jpgGippsland CLP arrow.JPG 


The LGSC Program has inspired me to follow my passions, further develop as a regional and business leader, volunteer and be engaged.

Leadership Great South Coast 2015 graduate