Amy Rhodes - Wimmera 2009

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Hi I’m Amy Rhodes and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community.


I undertook the Leadership Skills Initiative in 2009, having just started my first job as Communications Coordinator at Northern Grampians Shire Council at 22 years old. I was finishing the last six months of my Bachelor of Arts on top of trying to find my way in the new world of full-time work.  

I’d also just been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I’d almost lost my life on an operating table less than 12 months earlier. And I was miserable.

I knew I wanted to do something with my life. I knew I didn’t just want to be ordinary. But I didn’t have the skills, the motivation, or the confidence to make that happen by myself.

Leadership Wimmera was the wakeup call I needed to realise that I was capable of so much more than what I was allowing myself to achieve.


By the end of the program, I had this new-found sense of confidence, of curiosity, and an eagerness to push myself outside my comfort zone and just see what might happen.

It was the start of great things for me. I’ve gone on to travel overseas, three times with friends and then most recently by myself for six weeks. I was chosen as one of three Australian delegates to the Y20, official engagement group of the G20, and delivered the closing address at the Y20 summit to thousands of people and online audiences around the world. I’ve also followed my passion to help others better understand mental illness, by becoming an ambassador for beyondblue, doing postgraduate study in mental health, and becoming one of the Foundation for Young Australian’s Young Social Pioneers working on a mental health project for school children.


In addition to continuing my volunteer work with beyondblue and the two health service boards I currently sit on, my aim is to build my career and one day become a director and eventually a CEO in either the local government or health field. I’m continuing to grow a solid set of leadership skills, all starting with my time in Leadership Wimmera, that will allow me to one day lead an organisation. I also aspire to one day chair a board of some description when time and circumstances permit. 

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