Arfa Khan - GCLP 2017

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My name is Arfa Sarfaraz Khan, I came from Pakistan eight years ago, I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community. I graduated from the Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) in 2017.
I live in Trafalgar and that's my home as a local resident, I am contributing in my community in different leadership roles in a volunteer space.
I was lucky to be a recipient of Committee for Gippsland Barry Rogers scholarship to undertake the Gippsland program.
GCLP has given me an incredibly profound understanding to the landscape of the region. After undertaking the journey with my enthusiastic and motivating leadership peers, I feel more confident about learning the art of leadership and it's dynamics. 
The learning in the program can't be described in words but is felt inside, it grounds you, it shapes you and prepares you to take up the challenges with more confidence. 
The best part about this leadership journey is the networking with the right people working in leadership roles and reaching out to Leadership alumni. 
I feel humbled and privileged to take up the journey with right people at the right time.
My work includes:
  • President of United Muslim sisters of Latrobe Valley (2015-2016) 
  • Worked as an editor of local newspaper 'Traf News'for two years and Assistant editor for six months.
  • I am also associated with Trafalgar community development and library chair.
  • I have my masters in political science, Development journalism and has an M.Phil in Mass media and communication.
  • I have worked as Public relations Manager and taught in university 
  • Worked as a journalist .
  • Ardent supporter of women empowerment and education 
  • Supported multi faith causes, women empowerment and children education.
  • Have also taught underprivileged children 
  • Raised funds for many causes and issues such as pink ribbon, environment, flood victims & affected people, hospitals and people with special needs