Josh Koenig - Wimmera 2016

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Hi I’m Josh Koenig and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community. 
Pre Leadership Wimmera
Prior to completing the Leadership Wimmera journey I was a second in charge of a team of about ten employees with the goal of becoming a manager in my chosen field of work, but having missed out on a couple of opportunities prior I was low on confidence.
I would say that I was good at my job, but I had identified that I lacked in a couple of areas.
The first being a lack of confidence in the space of genuine conversations and the idea of having a feedback session with a colleague or the team worried me out of ever taking that step. I hated the idea of conflict.
Time management and organisational skills were lacking slightly with my eagerness to please I would put deadlines off and help others. I needed to be better at this.
I also had the desire to become more influential within my work life and within the community.
Post Leadership Wimmera
Throughout the work with Leading Teams I gathered knowledge and confidence to work on my gaps that I identified and acquired the tools to step outside of my comfort zone and make adjustments within the workplace.
I regained the confidence to push on with my goal of becoming a manager and successfully applied for my desired role within the organisation. Not only that but prior to being successful there, I was acting manager and since have covered the executive officer role of my organisation. I had been recognised for my improved skill set and rewarded for it.
A leadership highlight since is when I caught some inspiration from one of the organised guest speakers at one of our workshops, he was a local Councillor in Horsham at the time. Following that and knowing that a local election was pending, I completed some research and put my hand up to represent the community. I had the third highest first preference votes out of a field of fourteen and am now a local Councillor within the Horsham Rural City Council. I’m thoroughly enjoying this new challenge with one year of a four year term behind me.
I am very confident in saying that without the work of Leadership Wimmera I wouldn’t have had the confidence to put my hand up for a manager position or local government. It has been a great journey for me and I have learnt a lot about myself throughout it.
Future Leadership Aspirations
One day I aspire to lead an organisation in a CEO role, but that’s a long way down the track.
Through my local government journey and if I decide to run again and if I was successful I would like to run for Mayor. But that’s dependent on a few different factors.
My main priority at the moment is to my young family and ensuring that they have every option open to them now and into the future. My favourite job is that of a husband and father.  
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