Peter Field - Ballarat 2015

Peter Field - LBWR (2).jpg

Hi I’m Peter Field, I live in Ballarat and I am one of 3,500 community leadership program graduates contributing to my community. My participation has grown following my Leadership Ballarat & Western Region (LBWR) graduation in 2015. 

This has occurred professionally due to the development of my broader network and knowledge of regional stakeholders.

I have been more effective in engagement and communication representation for my organisation and this has improved projects and outcomes that benefit our customers and the community.
Socially, I have worked within a local soccer committee and continued to liaise and lobby council for improved facilities and grounds.

I have been able to assist in the long-term planning for the club and communicate this to our members and parents.

Beyond this, as an LBWR alumni, whenever you travel within and beyond our region, you carry with you a sense of belonging and a proud representation of our region and our home. 
As an LBWR alumni, we will always remain ambassadors and passionate about our part of the world.

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