Tricia Quibell - Fairley 2014

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Interview with Tricia Quibell conducted by Michelle Luscombe (CEO) 17 July 2017

When you started Fairley, what were you doing in terms of employment?
Deputy Regional Director – Berry Street
What are you doing now, in terms of employment?
Health, Wellbeing and Special Services Manager (Goulburn) – Department of Education
If any change in employment, was any of it attributable to participation in the program?
When you started Fairley, what were you doing in terms of community involvement? (formal and informal)
Goulburn Murray Local Learning and Employment Network (LLEN)– Chair
Central Ranges LLEN – Director
Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project – member of Stakeholder Group
What are you doing now, in terms of community? (formal and informal)
Goulburn Murray LLEN – retired in 2017
Greater Shepparton Lighthouse Project – Board Member
AICD Company Directors Course in 2017
What are your leadership aspirations, looking into the future?   
I would like to a board appointment on a ‘Suitability Panel’.  This is a Government appointment that involves reviewing foster care registrations.
I would like to be appointed to a government board, such as GoTAFE.
If any change in community involvement, was any of it attributable to participation in the program?
Yes and the AICD Course.
Are you currently facing any leadership challenges? If yes, how do you work through these challenges?
Bringing transformative change into schools is very difficult within a very structured environment.
It makes changes, innovation and creativity in problem solving a slow and delicate process and I need to tread carefully.
Is there a main point you took from Fairley that has helped you in your employment/community involvement?
It gave me the ability to tap into the 2014 cohort and I was able to encourage 2 more people (from 2014) to come on the Goulburn Murray LLEN Board.
The connections I have made have been invaluable, professionally.
Did participation in the FL Program change you in any way, if yes, how?
It took me from a position of comfort and made me think about where I want to be (work-wise).  It gave me the courage to ask whether I was satisfied in my work-role (pre Fairley). I moved to the Department of Education, because I had people I could discuss the move with (Fairley Fellows), people I felt comfortable with and trusted.
How would you describe yourself as a leader?
Not autocratic
An inclusive leader who gives staff opportunities for growth
Don’t jump in and try to solve staff’s problems, let them take responsibility and make them accountable, but provide support where needed.
Any leaders you admire or aspire to be like?
Barack Obama as a political leader.
Sandy de Woolf (CEO Berry Street) She ‘wields’ political influence well and recognises you need both sides of politics, is a very respectful person and a very ‘human’ leader.
Cord Sadler (Area Director, Department of Education) He is very straightforward, knows how to assert influence, self-depreciating, high EQ